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The Nickel Allergy Course  
Learn how to master the low nickel diet & lifestyle. 

If you are anything like me, you have probably tried many healthy diets or supplement protocols that have only made you worse. You may have worked with many different doctors or wellness practitioners determined to find the root cause of your health issues and heal from the inside out. You may be deep in the rabbit hole of Dr. Google desperate for answers. You are probably feeling really alone and exhausted because figuring out your health issues is a full-time job. ​ If this sounds like you, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! This was me back in 2017 when I first developed a systemic metal allergy. I was a mess - breaking out in hives, rashes all over my hands and eyes, fatigue, stomach issues, and anxiety. I was desperate for answers. Four months after starting the low nickel diet & lifestyle, I cleared my rashes and all of my other symptoms resolved. As a registered nurse I was shocked that none of my doctors knew about metal allergies and how what we eat can have a big impact on some people with this condition. This inspired me to raise awareness and help others with a metal allergy.

This course will help anyone with a nickel allergy but it’s especially beneficial for people who have avoided contact with nickel and are still suffering from symptoms. Researchers estimate around 10-20% of people with a nickel allergy react to nickel in food. This is a condition known as systemic contact dermatitis to nickel or systemic nickel allergy syndrome. Someone with this allergy may experience rashes, eye eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, fibromyalgia, heartburn, abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, rhinitis, asthma, and/or chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you are wondering if you have a nickel allergy, the first step is to get tested. There are a few ways to diagnose a nickel allergy. I recommend either comprehensive patch testing with a doctor (most commonly a dermatologist), or if you don’t have any rashes, the memory lymphocyte immuno-stimulation assay (MELISA). It is a blood test that can diagnose metal sensitivities. For more information visit or

The Nickel Allergy Course is a comprehensive, self-paced, online course which contains pre-recorded slides, video lectures and a ton of downloadable resources.

This is what you will learn:

  • How to identify nickel in your environment & successfully avoid it.

  • How to find safe products with a list of recommended brands.

  • Help you understand a systemic nickel allergy, the treatment options and best way to collaborate with medical professionals.

  • You will also learn about co-allergies, co-sensitivities and co-morbidities to watch out for.

  • The fundamentals of the low nickel diet with an understanding of nickel in food, air & water and all the ways in which nickel contamination can occur.

  • How to master the low nickel diet (LND) Phase I with a clear food list, 4 different sample menus (gluten & dairy free, low carb, 'eat the rainbow' & regular) and over 100 recipes with notes on how to modify each one.

  • How to master the LND Phase II with a food list and tips on eating out. You will also learn how to successfully reintroduce foods back into your diet in rotation & supplements to consider. 

  • In the BONUS CHAPTER you will learn how to optimize your health by cultivating a positive mindset and opening up detox channels.


This is what you will get:

  • Access to course content, email support & online discussion boards for 1 year. 

  • Money back guarantee.


I am determined to help each and every one of you. I know how frustrating it can be to try another program only to be disappointed because it didn’t work. That is why I am offering a 100% refund policy. If you have a diagnosed nickel allergy and you are not seeing any improvements after 3 months of following my advice, you will get your money back.

​Start your path to wellness today and book a free consultation.

If you are unsure if this program will help you and you need more information, book a FREE 20 minute discovery call with me. This is a conversation where I learn more about the health issues you are struggling with and we figure out if my program is a good fit for you.

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